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“It is truly my desire to help empower people to let go of limiting beliefs so they can become better versions of themselves.”

Sherrine's Story

In my early 30s, I found myself in cycles of unhealthy eating patterns.  I was dealing with emotional and mindless eating, I was addicted to caffeine, and had constant headaches, pain and depression.

It was going to stay the same or get worse if not addressed.  I knew the mind was powerful, I knew hypnosis was powerful.  I started listening to exercise motivation and healthy eating hypnosis recordings, and more importantly, found a hypnotherapist.  In a very brief nutshell, my hypnotic experiences transformed my life. I became passionate about caring for my body through regular exercise and healthy eating. I dove into study and took action toward greater health, wellness and transformation.

Since then, I have used hypnosis to overcome bad habits as well as shift negative thinking patterns. I went on to get a degree in Health Education, Health and Life Coach Certifications and a Certifications in Hypnotherapy.

I've found that most people's biggest obstacles are not from a lack of knowledge, but from subconscious blocks they've created which leads to a lack of execution.  


In other words, people know what to do, they just aren’t doing it. 


It is truly my desire to empower others to let go of limiting beliefs and so they can live healthier lives and become better versions of themselves. 

Sherrine lives in Elkhorn, NE. She is a mom to 3 amazing young women, and one feisty cat. She enjoys cooking, outdoors, reading, crafty things, musicals, and breaking out into random song or dance.

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